The Official Report for Week Ending January 15, 2012

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The Official Report for Week Ending January 15, 2012

Postby Gilbert » Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:49 pm

Summary of shipboard & offsite work for the week ending January 15, 2012

Saturday, January 14

Torsk Crew on board: Chief Mike, Big Al, Dave, Cathy, Frank, Bruce, Chuck, Little Al, Corey, Ski, Gil and Jaime

Big Al re-lamped the boat, and began a charge of the batteries in the After Battery Well. He also worked with Dave on beginning the process of illuminating hydraulic accumulator system indicators in the control room.

Chief Mike applied the second coat of white paint to the bulkhead behind the 1MC. He also sprayed the lower part of the 1MC rack an equipment gray. Then he helped Ski determine where the sound powered phones in Radio should have been connected. After some pinging using the crew's tone tracer, they found the terminal box for the XJA phone circuit. They decided that the jury-rigged box needed to be relocated, so we installed a new dual-jack box on the back side of the phone bracket mounting plate. Ski hooked everything up and now we have two working sound powered phones in Radio. The growler still needs some repair and it needs to be mounted, but IC Div has the situation well in hand.

Chuck continued the electrical survey in the AER and FER. With Dave’s help, he determined that the AER heater noise is caused by the fan motor shaft end-play.

Dave worked on completing TVA’s catalog and photo-inventory of all items owned by TVA or on loan to TVA from someone. He and Big Al also worked on the hydraulic accumulator indicators in Control.

Frank worked in the Conning Tower on fancy work and cleaning.

Cathy, Corey and Little Al did housekeeping

Gil and Bruce worked in Archives

Offsite during the Week:

Gil worked on TVA Admin duties

Onsite Volunteer Hours – 74
Offsite Volunteer Hours - 3
Total Week Hours – 77

2011 Year to Date Volunteer Hours – 199

That’s it for the week.
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