On Wednesday we had Trout for breakfast...

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On Wednesday we had Trout for breakfast...

Postby Runner485 » Thu Apr 12, 2007 8:03 am

Subject: USS Trout SS(566)

A bunch of us retirees went up to the old Philly naval shipyards to do a strip ship on Trout. I was never on a Tang class boat prior to today.....and from an enginemans perspective, all I can say is thank God. She has 3 FM's 8 cyl engines stuffed in one engine room. As Tim called it, the OER (O=only). I went into the lower flats in between the port and middle engine....and you could not get to the forward part of the flats. You had to go up and over and down again.Tim being an engineman extraordinaire was fianlly able to pull the purefier spindles. Once we got one out we decided to pull all of them...Went as smooth as silk. It had to be hell on the oilers, since the throttlemen sat in a manuvering room like setting, actually in manuvering room with all his controls in front of him, (nice). BTW! Manuvering room didn't have controller sticks. How the hell did they shift gears??? It was a weirdly built boat. Very little room in the passageway's. But had very large heads and shower stalls....Very nice and very unsubmarine like. It had two hatches for each opening. So I checked the deep depth gage....It goes deep, ergo the two hatcheds.

She is sitting near 3 Fletcher class tin cans. They were the coolest looking of all DD's. As we were getting ready to depart for the day Tim and I took pictures of them.....

We got lots of stuff for Torsk and had a good time doing this. I will sleep very well tonight.
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