Official Report Week Ending April 8, 2007

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Official Report Week Ending April 8, 2007

Postby Dave T » Sun Apr 08, 2007 4:31 pm

Summary of shipboard & offsite work for the week ending April 8, 2007

Crew on board Saturday: Chief Mike, Dave, Frank, Cathy, Al B, Larry, Bruce & Clayton

Mike, Bruce, Dave, Frank, & Larry conducted a walkthrough of every compartment and made a detailed list of missing equipment. They also photographed locations for missing equipment and equipment with damage and/or missing components. They also updated the Wish List that will be posted on the Torsk BBS. These documents will help us prioritize our future strip ship operations. After a number of years of performing restoration projects, our equipment and repair parts needs have grown quite specific.

Bruce worked in Archives.

Cathy cleaned and organized in LL After Battery and cleaned Crews Mess and the Galley. You can actually see the top of the workbench again.

Larry worked on the new air compressor. We’re having a few technical difficulties with the prime mover and may have to acquire a higher horsepower motor.

Mike did general cleaning in Forward Battery.

Big Al charged Emergency Lighting batteries and cleaned Crews Berthing.

Dave did some cleaning in Pump Room & ATR and installed missing locker doors.

Clayton worked on restoring the electrical power panels outboard #1 Main Engine. He cut out rusted barrels from the cover hold-downs and will install new barrels and bolts as necessary. Nasty job in an uncomfortable place.

The crew will make several trips to the Philadelphia Naval Base this week to participate in the first strip ship operations allowed on ex-USS Trout. Our detailed needs list should come in handy. Wish us luck.

Onsite Volunteer Hours - 56
Offsite Volunteer Hours - 9
Total Week Hours - 65
Year To Date Volunteer Hours - 828

That’s it for the week,
Dave Thames
Dave T
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