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Postby big al » Sat Jan 27, 2007 3:21 pm

Small crew on board today but we were able to bring the boats water line a little higher out of the water.
The morning started out like every morning on the boat but this mornig would be different. The coffee was brewing but no doughnuts. The next best thig were the animal cookies for the crew. OK lets eat up but we do not want any strange sounds.
After the moring barf meal it now was time to unload all the junk that was loaded on board over the last decade.
Dave and Cathy were removing junk from dry stores while Mike and Frank were removing junk from AB LL.
Doc was taking apart anything that could be saved. During all this some of the junk was being hauled up on deck and loaded into Doc's trailer.
During this part of the operation Chief Mike kept telling me how slow I was getting the parts ready to haul out of the boat.

There was not any real rush as I was inside where it was warm and not out in the cold. With out getting union wages I find it hard to rush into things.

Finally all that could be loaded onto Doc's trailer was completed and he drove out of sight. Hope you made it home cause we sure in hell wasn't coming after you to reload.

I guess you can call the crew today a bunch of junkies. The Unoffical Reporter should be back next week. He said screw that junk I am staying in a nice warm bed. Call me if you have any trouble moving the stuff and I will tell you what to do with it.

When we left the boat it was sunny and warm. Just the way it should be. Not 20 degrees.
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