Official Report for Week Ending 1/21/07

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Official Report for Week Ending 1/21/07

Postby Dave T » Wed Jan 24, 2007 10:15 pm

Summary of shipboard & offsite work for the week ending January 21, 2007

Crew on board Saturday: Frank, Dave, Tracey J, Cathy, Mike, Bill, Joe, John B, Larry, Big Al, Al F, Gilbert, Tim, Chuck, John W, Jennifer E, & Jim L.

A big crew on board Saturday that worked hard and enjoyed a nice lunch provided by Jim Reeb and BMM. With almost 20 crew members on board it was like a mini-work weekend. We were joined by members of our extended Groton family, John Wynn, Jennifer Emerson, and Jim Leonaitis, who brought lighting and electrical repair goodies donated by LC Doan and others. It always feels good when Crew's Mess is filled to capacity.

Frank, Dave, Cathy, Tracey, & Chuck continued working in Maneuvering deep cleaning and prepping various equipment, piping, and compartment surfaces for painting. Piles of paint chips were produced. We're still several weeks from painting.

Chiefs Bill and Mike along with John B, Larry, & Al F disassembled numerous electrical panels and salvaged loads of needed electrical repair parts. These panels were recovered from several previous strip ships and have been stowed in Dry Stores. We now have many needed parts and you can walk in Dry Stores again.

Big Al relamped the boat as necessary and continued testing and repairing Emergency Lighting fixtures.

During the week and on Saturday, Larry worked on the reefer restoration. He prepped and prime painted hardware in the reefer and repaired the latch on the reefer hatch. The entire reefer area is starting to look really good!

Tim and Joe continued working in AER restoring the engine gaugeboards and other components.

Gilbert did general housekeeping and some Archives work.

Onsite Volunteer Hours - 6
Offsite Volunteer Hours - 114
Total Week Hours - 120
Year To Date Volunteer Hours - 269

That’s it for the week,
Dave Thames
Dave T
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