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Reading messages on this system does not require registration. Creating an account and logging in does permit you to do more:
  • ability to post messages
  • ability to edit or delete your messages
  • ability to create and participate in polls
  • ability to send and receive email
  • ability to send and receive private messages
  • visual indication of new messages
  • ability to receive email notification when a message you posted receives a response
  • ability to watch a topic
If you watch a topic you will be sent email notification when a reply is posted. When you are viewing a topic, there is an icon in the lower left of the screen which lets you watch it.

You may format your messages using BBCode. Use of HTML has been disabled due to security issues.

When you create your account, please select to make your email address visible as this will make it possible for other registered users to email you. Your email address will not actually be displayed. An email button will be displayed and email will be sent using my email server. This is done to prevent spammers from harvesting your email address.

Registered users need to log in when visiting this BBS to receive all of the above benefits. If a registered user posts a message or reply without logging in he cannot enter his username in the username field because he is not logged in. This is done to prevent posting messages under someone else's username

If you forget your password, you can have the BBS send you a new password. Click the Log in link at the top of the screen and then click the I forgot my password link.

If you select the option to be automatically logged in to this BBS, a cookie is used. It is a torskphotoguy cookie. Don't delete it.

To prevent the creation of spam user accounts the ability to create user accounts has been disabled. I will create user accounts after I receive a request through email. I still have to create a good process for the creation of user accounts.

Al Freund
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