Volunteer Report Week Ending 12/24/06

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Volunteer Report Week Ending 12/24/06

Postby Dave T » Wed Dec 27, 2006 8:25 pm

Week Ending Sunday, December 24, 2006

Crew on board Saturday: Dave, Frank, Big Al, Cathy, Larry, Chief Mike, Gilbert, & John B

Cathy, Frank and Dave continued working in Maneuvering deep cleaning and prepping various equipment and compartment surfaces for painting.

Big Al installed and wired the new battle lanterns in LLAB. No lamps needed replacing today.

Gilbert restored the Magazine Key Locker offsite and installed it in the COSR. It looks as good as new and the lock works!. He and Frank pulled our stern lines out of the harbor and re-rigged them. Someone must have tried to cast off during the week.

Chief Mike and John B continued troubleshooting and making circuit repairs to the 1MC/7MC. No printed circuits or solid-state stuff here. John had to relearn the resistor color code.

Larry finished repairing the air leak on our air compressor. He also continued repairs on the lights and fans in the reefer and chill box and assisted with the 1MC/7MC work.

Onsite Volunteer Hours - 49
Offsite Volunteer Hours - 16
Total Week Hours - 65
Year To Date Volunteer Hours - 3,930

That’s it for the week,
Dave Thames
Dave T
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