Official Report for Saturday January 28 2017

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Official Report for Saturday January 28 2017

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Official Work Summary
Saturday January 28, 2017

Crewmembers on board: Chief Mike, Chuck, John S, Al F, Jaime, Dave, Frank M, Tracey, and Cathy.

A cold, quiet day in the Inner Harbor made it easier to do some jobs.…

• Tracey polished in the Forward Torpedo Room, Control, and the engine rooms, in addition to the list damper and 10 lb. air manifold.
• “A clean ship is a happy ship.”
• Cathy conducted house-keeping in the Galley and Crew’s Mess.
• Tracey vacuumed the waterway underneath the Conning Tower ladder.
• Chuck conducted house-keeping in Crew’s Berthing.

• In Radio, Chief Mike installed the Continuous Wave Morse Code keys he repaired and connected the antenna control monitor to the URC-32 radio transmitter-receiver.
• Cathy worked on restoring the lettering and cabinetry on radar equipment removed from the Conning Tower by Frank and John S.
• Tracey worked to prepare the Motor Room for painting and Al F helped. She chipped and polished.
• Frank M and John S worked on restoration in the Conning Tower. This work included working on damaged cabinetry and equipment by removing label plates and glass for rehab and reinstallation. Remember, the Conning Tower was open to the weather for years.
• The air manifolds were the primary beneficiary of a slow day for tourists. Tracey polished and Dave began work restoring the low pressure, 225 lb. “ships service air” manifold.
• Chuck began the installation of the plexiglass that will display the contents of the Medical Locker in Crew’s Berthing.

Yeah, I can re-paint that.


The Belfort Barometer [of Fell's Point!] reading was: 29.78 inches of pressure.

Hours for the week: 49.
Hours for the year: 105.

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