Official Report for Saturday January 21 2017

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Official Report for Saturday January 21 2017

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Official Work Summary
Saturday January 21, 2017

Crewmembers on board: Chief Mike, Chief Scott, Chuck, John S, Jaime, Dave, Frank M, John B, Tristan, Charlie, and Larry “Ski.”

TORSK Volunteer Association embarks on its twentieth year: 20 Work Weekends and nearly 20 other torpedo loads and strip ship trips as far away as Bremerton, Washington and we’re still underway. This day, with its chill and fog, was reminiscent of TORSK’s days in Groton.

• Dave re-lamped the boat: After Battery head and lower level in both Engine Rooms. Chief Scott and Ski re-lamped in the wardroom.
• Rob and Dave examined bilges in preparation for pumping. The Forward Engine Room bilge will be pumped.
• John B worked with Rob pumping the Motor Room bilge.
• Tristan polished in the Forward Torpedo Room and in Control.
• Dave scrubbed and organized in the Galley and Crews’ Mess.

• Chief Mike worked on repairing Continuous Wave Morse Code keys in Radio while on board as well as at home.
• John B continued preparing the Motor Room for painting.
• Frank M and John S worked on rust in the Conning Tower, especially around the radar testing device.
• Chuck painted the Medical Locker in Crews’ Berthing with its first coat of paint.

TVA 1998: We leave you today with a pair of photographs from 1998-the first Work Weekend. The long slog of repairing the deck wood began. At first, we had TWO WWEs per year because there was so much to do.


Hours for the week: 56.
Hours for the year: 56.

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