Official Report for Saturday September 24, 2016

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Official Report for Saturday September 24, 2016

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Official Work Summary
Saturday, September 24, 2016

Crewmembers on board: Chief Mike, Dave, John S, Tracey, Jaime, Larry “Ski,” Don V, and Frank M.

Maintenance: Restoration took a back seat to maintenance today. Dave was point man on repairing and replacing the motor for the air-conditioning system air handler. Frank and John S also provided skills and support to this task.
• The bearings for the motor were completely out of commission. First, they removed the damaged motor so that they could repair the motor mounts and lubricate the blower bearings.
• Installing the motor involved wiring the new motor and aligning the blower drive belt. A test showed the new/restored motor operating satisfactorily.
• They also cleaned the inside of the blower housing to protect the motor from the damage foreign objects can inflict on it. This job took five hours.
• Other maintenance: Tracey polished brightwork in the engine rooms and the air manifold in the passageway to Control. She was unable to polish in Control because of crowding.

• Chuck and John S worked on completing the new plexiglass and aluminum barrier for the After Torpedo Room. They should be able to complete the task next time they are on the boat. The new barrier gives the room a clean, professional look, which is only befitting the room of greatest historic value in the boat that is also the first room tourists see. Mike helped Chuck move gear that had been stored behind the old, opaque barrier to give a clear view of the room. The room now looks much less cluttered and visitors have a full view of all four tubes. Well done!
• Donald V helped Rob with the clearing of the detritus that accumulates under the super - structure, especially in the seams where the pressure hull meets the ballast tanks, and then getting that material up to deck level and off the boat. This task is in support of Rob’s work prepping and painting the tanks.
• Chief Mike and Tracey walked through the boat with a potential vendor to replace vinyl throughout the boat. They will send estimates for the work later in the week. In the meantime, the Volunteers are arranging bids from other vendors. First priority: a vinyl cover for the plexiglass bubble on the bridge.
• Mike tested a new power switch for the RBS in Radio.

Facts of note: We found the Wardroom not as it should be displayed. Pieces of non-matching china were on the table and the cabinets were left open.

Hours for the week: 38
Hours for the year: 724.

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