Official Report for Saturday September 17, 2016

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Official Report for Saturday September 17, 2016

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Torsk Volunteer Association
Official Work Summary
Saturday, Sept 17, 2016

Crew on board: Crew on board: Chief Mike, Charlie B, Dave, Frank M and Jaime.


• Dave and Charlie worked with Rob in Lower Level After Battery sorting materials for disposal. Dave took several items to the dump.


• Chief Mike took an inventory and began measuring vinyl [“Naugahide”] for replacement throughout the boat. This project began with the need to have a ‘cozy’ made for the bubble, as it had when the boat was in service:


• Mike then went throughout the boat seeing where vinyl repair/replacement is needed so that we can solicit bids to have the work done and can submit a proposal to the museum. We are looking at working on the bench covers in Crew’s Mess in addition to those in Control and the engine rooms.


• Frank and Dave worked on the restoration of the Target Bearing Transmitter offsite.
• Dave worked on obtaining parts for the After Battery hatch mechanism and the barrier in the After Torpedo Room.

Total Volunteer hours:

• For the week: 26.
• For the year: 686.

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