Official Report for Saturday September 10, 2016

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Official Report for Saturday September 10, 2016

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Torsk Volunteer Association
Official Work Summary
Saturday, Sept 10, 2016

Crew on board: Crew on board: Master Chief Keith, Chief Mike, Larry “Ski” S, Li’l Al F, Don V, Jaime and Dave.

A very hot day without working air-conditioning...


• Evaluating the problem with the air conditioning dominated the Volunteers’ workday. Dave examined the air conditioner to determine why it was not working, again.
First, one of the motor clamps on the air handler came loose……which made the motor jump around……which detached the power cord from the terminal box.

This sequence, in turn, caused a short circuit that appears to have damaged the motor. Rewiring did not solve the problem. So, it will need a new motor. Because, in part, of the cramped working conditions, it takes six hours to remove the old motor and to install a new one. This will be Dave’s third go ‘round replacing this motor.

• Don V helped Rob haul the heavy detritus from the hull work topside and to the pier and helped cleaning under the superstructure forward of the sail.


• Restoration took a back seat to maintenance this week, but Chief Mike took a few minutes to check the voltages on the RBS power supply. Most were good.

Total Volunteer hours:

• For the week: 33.
• For the year: 660.

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