Official Report for Saturday Aug 6 2016

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Official Report for Saturday Aug 6 2016

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Torsk Volunteer Association
Official Work Summary
Saturday, Aug 6th, 2016


Crew on board: Crew on board: Chief Mike, Dave, Jaime, Frank, Cathy, Ski, Officer Corey, and Chuck.


• Cathy conducted house-keeping in the Galley and Crew’s Mess.
• Dave, Frank and Ski helped Rob relocate a large cable in the superstructure that was in the way of Rob’s hull prep and painting.
• Frank and Corey continued the project to secure the after emergency buoy. They installed two more ratchet straps to secure it.
• Chuck cleaned the Lexan surfaces on the bunk display and peacoat lockers.
• Dave and Frank re-lamped and repaired several lights in the Conning Tower. All fluorescent lights are now on. Started cleaning in the Conning Tower.
• Chuck brought more Lexan and aluminum materials on board for installation of the new [and improved!] After Torpedo Room security barrier. Frank and Dave helped with the loading. Chuck stored the materials on board and will begin assembling the barrier the next time he is on board.


• Dave, Frank and Corey – Lubricated bearings on the radar antenna shaft. Corey went aloft and greased the uppermost bearing on the top of the sail. Lubed the gear mechanism in the Conning Tower, installed a timer, and started antenna rotation. The antenna will cycle on and off during the boat’s operating hours.
• Chief Mike worked on the RBS. He found two more problems: a broken reception mode selector switch and a receiver power cable that needs repair. He has ordered a switch that is a good bet to work (it has the same number of poles and positions). Next week, he will repair the cable.

Total Volunteer hours:

• For the week: 50.
• For the year: 556.

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