Official Report for Saturday July 30 2016

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Official Report for Saturday July 30 2016

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Torsk Volunteer Association
Official Work Summary
Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Crew on board: Chief Mike, John S, Chuck [off-site], Frank M, and Jaime.


• Frank and Rob worked on installing a better drain hose on the compressor for the A/C. This new hose will drain the water to the port side of the boat where it will not detract from TORSK’s appearance from the pier side of the boat.
• Chief Mike, JohnS and Frank discussed some welding projects that need to be conducted on the boat.
• Chuck worked for 4 hours at Triangle Sign working on sizing and cutting of Lexan sheets for the After Torpedo Room barrier. He also worked on cutting and sizing of the aluminum support and trim for the barrier.


• Chief Mike saw the power supply issues for the RBS have been solved and set out to work on gain control issues for the radio.

Total Volunteer hours:

• For the week: 16.
• For the year: 506.


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