Official Report for Sat/Sun April 16 2016

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Official Report for Sat/Sun April 16 2016

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Torsk Volunteer Association
Official Work Summary
Weekend of April 16-17, 2016

Crew on board: Chief Keith C, Cathy S, Larry “Ski” S, Dave T, Frank M, and Tracey J.

Some work and some play: The Volunteers welcome a TORSK crewmember back to the boat after 54 years and get some work done.

The primary task this weekend was to conduct maintenance activities that cannot be done while the boat is open to visitors: painting, water tight door maintenance, and floor tile repair being the primary tasks. Hardware relating to water tight integrity was inspected throughout the boat.
• Chief Keith executed and observed the colors.
• Chief Keith and Dave inspected and tested all water tight doors. The one leading from Crew’s Mess forward needs some repair. They will make the adjustment in the near future. This maintenance is part of the prep for hurricane season.
• Dave actuated the water system with shore water and shut it off on account of some leaks, primarily from the water fountain in Crew’s Mess. This leak will have to be repaired in order to use shore water.
• All hands worked on maintenance of topside hatches. Gaskets and flange seating surfaces of all topside hatches were inspected and cleaned. Silicone lubricant was applied to the rubber O-rings. Leaking has been a problem, especially with the Crew’s Mess and After Torpedo Room hatches. All hatch operating hardware was exercised.
• Chief Keith and Dave inspected and operated all bulkhead flapper valves to ensure the ducts can be fully shut. They were cycled from full-open to full-shut and were left in the shut position to establish watertight integrity.
• Areas around water tight doors from Control to Forward Battery, Crew’s Mess to Control, Forward Engine Room to Crew’s head and Maneuvering to After Engine Room were painted with a higher gloss paint that will be easier to keep clean. Areas were cleaned and prepped prior to painting. Cathy and Tracey did the prep and painting.
• Tracey vacuumed the conning tower ladder water way in Control.
• Rob filled deep holes in the floor tile in the After Torpedo Room.

The Volunteers welcomed George Shaffer back aboard after 54 years. His daughter noticed TORSK on a visit to Baltimore and brought him to town. They were able to stay on the boat most of Saturday. We are grateful to Mr. Shaffer for coming to the boat and sharing his memories of his years on TORSK 1958-62 – and for his daughter who arranged this visit. This visit was a great reminder of why we do what we do.


Total Volunteer hours:
• For the week: 52.
• For the year: 308.

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