Official Report for Saturday, April 9, 2016

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Official Report for Saturday, April 9, 2016

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Torsk Volunteer Association
Official Work Summary
Saturday, April 9, 2016

Crew on board: Chief Mike E, Larry “Ski” S, Jaime E, Dave T, Tristan B, Frank M, Charlie B, and Tracey J.

The Volunteers deal with the weather inside TORSK on a day with Groton/Holy Loch weather.


The primary task on Saturday was to prepare for next week’s overnight maintenance program that will include work on WTDs and painting in high-traffic areas.
• Dave prepped for the activation of water from shore sources.
• Chief Mike and Tracey walked the boat to discuss painting prep and priorities.
• Ski performed house-keeping in the Galley. True.
• Various Volunteers wiped up rain water leaking through the hatch in Crew’s Mess and Lower Level After Battery. As Frank Lloyd Wright noted “water naturally falls,” and in this case it leaks straight down into Lower Level After Battery.
• Dave re-lamped the boat. No mean feat.
• Charlie B and Tristan B answered the call to polish the tubes in the Forward Torpedo Room.
• Dave purchased the supplies needed for next weekend’s work.


• Six months ago Dave and Tracey took an ailing barometer back to where it was made: Belfort Instruments of Fell’s Point, Maryland. This is their website: They’ve been helping the Navy, Coast Guard, etc. keep track of the weather since the 1870s. They brought the repaired barometer back to TORSK yesterday. Belfort is still the primary provider and service site for the Navy’s weather instruments from barometers to the wind speed meters aircraft carriers use. The barometer will go into the Conning Tower. They are always welcome to visit TORSK to give the barometer a tap.


Total Volunteer hours:
• For the week: 24.
• For the year: 256.

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