Official Report for January 16 2016

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Official Report for January 16 2016

Postby TVA » Sun Jan 24, 2016 12:23 pm

Torsk Volunteer Association
Official Work Summary
Saturday January 16 2015

Crew on board: COB Derouin, Chief Mike, Chuck, Cathy, Larry "Ski," Frank M, Jaime E, Dave T, Kevin, Al F, Corey, Bruce, John B, Charlie B, Tristan B, and Tracey.

A large crew turned out to assess and repair damage to TORSK by vandals.

1) Chief Mike, COB Derouin, Dave, Corey and Frank worked on repairing the door to the Radio Room. No mean feat.
2) Kevin and Little Al cut spare plexi to replace that damaged on the After Torpedo Room head door.
3) Chuck, with help from Ski and John worked on repairs to the plexi on the bunk display and also to the peacoat locker.
4) Bruce and Tracey helped stow items whose display could not be secured.
5) Dave and Tracey helped Rob carry the damaged collection receptacle to CHESAPEAKE for repairs.
6) Tim polished brightwork in the engine rooms.
7) Tracey polished brightwork in the Galley and Control.
8 Cathy and Tracey conducted house-keeping in Crew’s Mess and Galley.
9) Charlie, Tristan, John, Dave and Ski assisted Rob in adjusting the docking lines and installing chafing guards.
10) Dave started the valve line-up to the High-Pressure and Ship’s Service air systems in preparation for start up.
11) On Wednesday: Dave spent two hours on the boat with Rob surveying the damage to the boat. They also secured the doors on the Radio Room and the Yeoman’s Shack. Later, Dave bought supplies to effect repairs and to replace broken/compromised locks.

There was no restoration work this week.

Total Volunteer hours:
• For the week: 67.
• For the year: 92.
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