Official Report for Saturday January 2, 2016

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Official Report for Saturday January 2, 2016

Postby TVA » Mon Jan 11, 2016 9:39 pm

Crew on board: Chief Mike, Chief Keith, Chuck, Frank M, Jaime E, Dave T.

A chief’s dream: two chiefs, and a complement of 4 sailors to start the New Year.

1) Dave worked on re-lamping the boat. Making up the maintenance of the florescent lighting fixtures takes time.
2) Chuck continued working on the barrier plans for the Forward Torpedo Room.
3) Chief Keith and Chuck re-hung some of the bunks in Crew’s Berthing that were not hanging correctly. Chuck noticed this while examining the bunk display.
4) Chief Keith continued securing loose deck plates. TORSK will be quieter and safer as a result of this work.
5) Dave and Rob cleaned up water in Lower Level After Battery that leaked through hull openings near Crew’s shower.
6) Dave and Rob hauled trash onto the pier for disposal.

7) Chief Mike cleaned all the remote headphone jacks. This improved their performance. He installed a speaker underneath the work shelf in order to save space. He activated the R-390 and played music for the crew. He’ll be reading up on the RBS receiver at home.

Total Volunteer hours:
• For the week: 25.
• For the year: 25.

For those playing the home version of our game - an R-390 radio:
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