Official Report for November 7, 2015

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Official Report for November 7, 2015

Postby TVA » Fri Nov 13, 2015 9:10 am

Torsk Volunteer Association
Saturday November 7 2015

Crew on board: COB Bill, Chief Mike, Frank M, Ski, Dave T, Jaime E, and Charlie B.

A cool day to work on the heat.

1) Dave and Frank cleaned and conducted maintenance on the heaters forward of the engine rooms and Chief Mike, Ski and Charlie worked on the heaters aft of Crew’s Berthing. They are now ready for winter.
2) Dave cleaned up and worked on the lighting in the Conning Tower.
3) Several volunteers answered the call for sweepers and helped Rob with removing trash from the boat.

4) Chief Mike and Ski worked on re-wiring the interior lighting for the MK 19 gyro compass. The current system requires a very expensive and short-lived bulb. Chief Mike recorded all the terminal numbers for the external wiring connections to the gyroscope control panel and then went to Archives to find the drawings for re-wiring the cabinet, the gyro and the gyro repeaters.
5) COB Bill conducted maintenance in Radio.
6) Dave and Charlie moved battle lantern spare parts from lower level after battery to Dry Stores.

Total Volunteer hours:
• For the week: 24.
• For the year: 266.
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