Official Report for October 10th 2015

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Official Report for October 10th 2015

Postby TVA » Tue Oct 13, 2015 7:16 am

Torsk Volunteer Association
Official Work Summary
October 10 2015

Crew on board: COB Bill, Chief Mike, Chief Keith, Jaime, Chuck, Kevin, Cathy, Dave, Frank, LarryD, Michelle and JohnB.

A large crew enjoyed a beautiful day in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

1) Various crew members worked with Rob installing cargo netting safety barriers in After Engine Room and After Battery [crew’s mess] hatch trunks as required by HSIB’s insurance safety inspector.
2) Chief Mike re-lamped in Radio. TORSK is about to have an 8 watt florescent light crisis.
3) John B cleaned the plexiglass in Forward Battery.
4) Rob, Frank and John B did some minor repairs on the shore power cables. The cables – and their casings – are wearing out and are in need of replacement. There are holes in the rubber insulation and carbon build-up where there have been holes for a while.

5) Chief Mike, Chief Keith and Dave mounted the Medical locker in the after end of the port side of Crew’s Berthing – its original location. Chuck and Cathy helped with moving bunks and lighting. A true group effort.
6) Chief Keith attached brackets to secured two loose lockers and did general organizing in the Forward Engine Room. Dave helped.
7) Chief Mike and Chuck conducted maintenance on the bunk display in Crew’s Berthing.
8 Chief Mike and Chuck installed the trophy awarded to TORSK’s wartime skipper, Bafford Lewellen in honor of TORSK’s sinking the last combat vessels in the war – and the note explaining the award – in the display case in Crew’s Berthing. Items removed to make room for the trophy were placed in Archives.
9) Chuck conducted an inventory of the plexiglass on board for use in the proposed Medical Locker display. Chuck also started preparing the interior of the locker for painting.
10) Frank M made plans to re-start his restoration of the Control Room ladder to the Conning Tower.

Facts of Note: Next week is the Baltimore marathon, so there will be no volunteer activity on TORSK.

Total Volunteer hours:
For the week: 56.5
For the year: 209.
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