Official Report for September 26 2015

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Official Report for September 26 2015

Postby TVA » Tue Sep 29, 2015 8:21 am

Torsk Volunteer Association
Official Work Summary
September 26 2015

Crew on board: Chief Keith, Dave T, Tim C, Cathy S, Charlie B, Bruce B, Stormy H, Delaney, Frank M, Larry “Ski,” and Tracey J.

A cool, cloudy day in Baltimore on Bookfest weekend.

1) Dave began surveying heaters to determine which can be fixed and which are out of commission. The one in Crew’s Berthing appears to have a short circuit inside. He’ll rebuild or replace it next week.
2) As Chuck was not on board today, Cathy, Stormy and Delaney had the field day detail in Crew’s Berthing. They wiped down the bunks and did general cleaning.
3) Stormy, Delaney and Tracey polished in Control. S & D did the hydraulic manifold in addition to smaller pieces of piping and brightwork. Stormy also polished the Garbage Disposal Unit that had not been polished in over a year. They were meticulous in asking how freely they should manipulate valves, etc. while they were being polished so as not to activate systems or cause damage. An example for us all….
4) Cathy and Charlie took on the job of polishing the low pressure air manifold and trim damper. Polishing high places is always tough and they got the manifold close to ‘Bowfin’ bright. The improvement is amazing.
5) Chief Keith spent most of his time on board in the engine room securing deckplates that clang, rattle and shift. All deckplates now have at least two screws in them so that they are no longer in danger of slipping out of position. TORSK is now more quiet and safer.

6) Dave returned the TORSK nameboard that he had disassembled and re-finished at home. It took several layers of nautical varnish. Ski and Charlie helped install it on the port side of the sail.
7) Dave removed the starboard side TORSK nameboard to take home and re-finish.
8 Dave discussed restoration plans, proposals and priorities with Rob including the proposed medical locker and replacement of torpedo room barriers.

For photographs of the day's work go here:
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Total Volunteer hours:
For the week: 60.
For the year: 136.5.
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