Official Report for August 14 2015

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Official Report for August 14 2015

Postby TVA » Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:49 pm

Torsk Volunteer Association
Weekly Summary of Work
August 14, 2014


Crew on board: Dave T, Bruce B, Larry “Doc” D, Chuck, Cathy, Michelle, Kevin, Tracey, Tristan and CharlieB.

1) This weekend marked the 70th Anniversary of TORSK’s sinking the last combat vessel of World War II. TVA displayed their newly acquired trophy awarded to TORSK’s captain for TORSK’s having achieved this distinction.
a. Kevin Ford spent time in the After Torpedo Room to explain the sequencing of the last sinking and pointing out the exact tube that fired the shot. Tristan spelled him there. Kevin also did some house-keeping in ATR.
b. The trophy was displayed in Control along with a sign explaining its meaning and history. Chuck conducted security and discussed the history of TORSK in Control.
c. Michelle, Cathy, Dave and Tracey discussed further restoration of the trophy and display plans.
2) Dave worked with Rob making repairs to small electrical appliances such as lighting and fans. Larry D also worked on lighting in Forward Battery. He also polished the anchor chain and capstan clutch indicators.
3) Cathy and Tracey conducted house-keeping in Crew’s Mess and Galley. Tracey polished brightwork in Control.
4) Tim conducted house-keeping in the engine rooms and polished brightwork.
5) Michelle discussed restoration plans and sequencing of the projects.
6) Ski surveyed the condition of the sound-powered phones he installed topside. They have sustained damage that suggests their latched containers were opened. Desiccant packages were damaged.

Total Volunteer hours:
• For the week: 44.5 hours.
• For the year: 44.5 hours.
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