Official Report for July 27 2013

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Official Report for July 27 2013

Post by TVA » Tue Jul 30, 2013 8:22 pm

Crew onboard: Chief Mike, Frank, Chuck, Cathy, Dave, Michelle, BigAlB, Kevin, Penny, Tim, Jaime, Stormy and a contingent of POGY alumni: Ski, Butch, Cindy and George in addition to Rob of HSIB.


• Big Al did a great deal of re-lamping. He did so in AER [a battle lantern], ATR and also worked on the jack light. Next week Al hopes to find that his repairs on the jack light worked.
• Cathy cleaned in the galley and in the junior officers’ stateroom.
• Michelle and Stormy polished the forward capstan.
• Kevin cleaned in the After Torpedo Room.
• Chuck cleaned in Crew’s Berthing and repaired two bunk lockers on the outboard side.
• Dave conducted maintenance in Archives [Lower Level Forward Battery].

General Restoration:

• Chief Mike brought aboard a frequency synthesizer for the AN/URC-32. He figured out that it was for an earlier version of the one TORSK already has. It had many parts that can be used in TORSK’s model: a good belt and several good tubes. He switched the old timing belt in the current unit and put in the one from the older model that has less wear. Mike then reassembled the frequency synthesizer. After it was fully reassembled, he reinstalled it in the rack and reconnected all the cables. The challenge of aligning it is all that is left to do. This task will take some time, but when they are done, we will have a fully operational URC-32 HF transmitter-receiver.
• Chuck continued work on display items for the bunk display and he has been doing research on ribbons appropriate for a sailor to wear in that time frame.

Deck Restoration:

Frank and Dave worked with Rob in installing the hatchcovers for the forward diving plane lube ports.
• Tim worked on restoring the hatch dogs for the lube port hatchcovers.
• Frank and Dave drilled and tapped the frames to restore the two hatches.
• Rob cut the battens for the hatch during the week.
• Rob cut out the opening for the starboard hatch and they did a test fit of that hatch.


Volunteer hours: Deck [12], General [42]
Year to date volunteer hours: 1282

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