Official Report for July 20 2013

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Official Report for July 20 2013

Post by TVA » Sun Jul 21, 2013 9:56 pm

Crew onboard: GCOB Bill, Chief Mike, Frank, Chuck, Cathy, Dave, Michelle, Jaime and Rob of HSIB.

The Volunteers braved extreme heat and humidity to get some maintenance done and to keep momentum going on some projects.


• Cathy did house-keeping and provided breakfast to crewmembers.
• Dave did maintenance in Archives – monitoring the de-humidifier is always important, but especially this time of year under the current climatic conditions.
• Dave re-lamped several florescent light fixtures: Maneuvering, After Engine Room and Forward Battery.
• Frank, Mike and Dave removed obsolete and broken audio/visual equipment, cabinetry, microfiche reader, and dehumidifiers from lower level forward battery for disposal. Frank and Dave took the load to the Howard County dump.
• A new copier/scanner/printer was installed in Archives.


• Chiefs Bill and Mike continued work on the SLR-12 entertainment radio. They opened the radio and got the last piece - a power connector - installed. They didn’t have a power cord that would fit, so, they couldn’t test the radio. They might be able to do that next week or when Chief Bill is next on board. Chief Bill also started stripping parts from the spare RBO that can be used in the SLR-12.
• Dave went through the indexes of TORSK’s blueprints to find information for Rob on the location of deck hatches.
• Dave and Frank worked with Rob on the deck restoration project.
• Chuck added items to the bunk locker display that he found in Archives – such as a set of dolphins – and some that were donated, such as Frank’s TL-29 pocketknife.
• Chuck is going to work with Rob on training docents on the proper procedure for opening the bunk display and turning on the lighting – and securing the exhibit.
• Chuck did some trouble-shooting with the jukebox. The problem was the Ipod, not the jukebox.

Volunteer hours: Deck [10], General 26
Year to date volunteer hours: 1240

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