Official Report for July 13 2013

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Official Report for July 13 2013

Post by TVA » Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:33 pm

Crew onboard: Chuck Weaver and Rob of HSIB.


• In the Maneuvering Room Chuck repositioned the #1 Main Engine Generator control stick to the OFF position and replaced the lock wire to prevent its movement from the OFF position.
• Chuck then set the drill batteries in Plot on ‘charge’.


Chuck continued to work the details of the bunk display:

• Opened up the display bunk lid, drilled a 25/32-inch hole and install the protective grommet.
• He then installed the lighting power supply and illuminated the display.
• He rearranged the contents of the display. The Dress Blue crackerjack was moved to the forward outboard compartment.
• He placed 5 T-shirts, a towel, 3 dungaree shirts, and some books in the forward inboard compartment.
• He added an historically accurate set of General Motors car keys to the drawer. Placed a carton of Pall Mall Cigarettes (empty) and a second white hat in the center outboard compartment.


Facts of note: Chuck expressed concern about logjams of tourists and general traffic flow of tourists in the boat as this is one of the Museum’s busiest times of year.

Volunteer hours: 7
Year to date volunteer hours: 1214

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