Official Report for July 6 2013

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Official Report for July 6 2013

Post by TVA » Tue Jul 09, 2013 11:31 am

Crew onboard: GCOB Bill, Chief Mike, Chuck, FrankM, LittleAlF, Big AlB, Tim, CATHY, Tracey, Jaime, JohnB, Ski and Rob of HSIB.

A large crew on board despite the heat.


• Big Al replaced all the lightbulbs missing in crew’s berthing. They had all been removed. He also replaced the red globe cover that had been removed from one of the lights. In Control, he replaced one of the florescent lights. Little Al also made lighting adjustments.
• Tracey and CATHY did general house-keeping.
• Big Al, Dave and Ski restored, repaired and re-installed the desk light in the senior officers’ stateroom. Historic nicotine was lost in the process.
• Tim polished in the engine rooms and Tracey polished the 10 lb. Main Ballast Tank Blow Manifold.


• COB Bill and Chief Mike bought a spare RBO set and spent the day removing salvageable parts from it. They got a transformer and two capacitors from it. To complete the repair of the SLR-12 all that needs to be done is to remove the plug from the RBO and install it in the SLR-12. It will then be ready for a true test run.
• Frank restored and installed another one of the forward line locker hatches on deck. Dave is working on the dogs for the hatches at home.
• DeerJohnB continued working in the Motor Room. He is preparing to powerwash and paint some of the surfaces, including the deck plates.
• Chuck’s work setting up the bunk display is done and this week he began installing display items, including his own dress blues and period items such as paperback books. He also made some adjustments to hardware to make the display more visible and more secure.
• LittleAlF has worked on his film clips a bit: Volunteer hours: 83
Year to date volunteer hours: 1207

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