Official Report for 4 August 2012

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Official Report for 4 August 2012

Postby TVA » Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:16 pm

Official Report for the week of 4 August 2012

On board: Chief Bill, Chief Mike, Big Al, FrankM, Dave, Cathy, JohnB, Ski, Melissa, Jamie, Michelle, Tim, Chuck, Little Al


  • JohnB and Larry ‘Ski cleaned garbage from between TOSK and the camelback and the pier.
  • Big Al re-lamped the boat as needed.
  • Little Al replaced the overhead light in FTR between the tubes.
  • Tim polished brass and cleaned stainless in the engine rooms.
  • Chuck polished in Maneuvering.
  • Big Al continued working on the air compressor in LLAB to assess it for possible damage from a week left 'on'. He
    put new oil in it and ran it for five minutes. He then checked the oil level and turned it on for ten
    minutes. Next week he plans to watch it while it pressurizes an air bank.


  • Chiefs Bill and Mike troubleshot and repaired one HF signal generator. This task involved cleaning
    some of the dirty pots and replacing a bad tube. It still did not work. They determined it was a
    power supply problem in the URR-13A and there was no high voltage output (180V DC and
    105V DC). The next step will be to disconnect the loads from the power supply and start
    troubleshooting the loads.
  • Michelle continued restoration in ATR of the hydraulic motor for the rudder and planes.
  • FrankM and Dave removed more of the wooden decking and then surveyed the metal supports
    for corrosion. They then prepared a list of supplies for HSIB to order for this project. Larry ‘Ski
    followed up their work by removing the remaining bolting. Very hot work in temperatures over 90.

Other facts:
TVA welcomed back Diver Dave who visited the boat and though he has a tight schedule will try
to participate.

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