Official Report for 28 July 2012

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Official Report for 28 July 2012

Postby TVA » Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:36 am

Saturday 28 July 2012

Crew on board: Chief Bill, Chief Mike, Dave, Cathy, FrankM, Michelle, Kevin, Zack,
Big Al B, Tim, Larry “Doc” D, Ray, Olivia, and Jamie.

  • Tim polished in the engine rooms and replaced missing thumb screws.
  • Ray and Olivia assisted Tim by cleaning various surfaces in the engine rooms.
  • Big Al B and Dave T worked on the air compressor. This week they drained the old
    oil from it and Dave will buy new oil this upcoming week. Once the new oil is added
    they plan to start the compressor to assess what - if any - damage was done to it
    by being left ‘on’ and unattended for a week.
  • Big Al relamped the boat where needed.
  • Kevin and his former shipmate, Zack, polished and cleaned in ATR and Maneuvering.
    They cleaned both floors in addition to polishing. Zack polished in FTR as well.
    Welcome aboard, Zack.


  • Chief Bill, Chief Mike and Larry D worked on restoring the RBO in Crew’s Mess:
    Tubes were tested, the RF signal generators were located and the antenna to the
    RBO via the radio room was also tested. They succeeded in coming away with a
    clearer idea of what it will take to get the RBO working.
  • In ATR Michelle stripped paint from the hydraulic motor for the rudder and
  • Ray took measurements for a security bar for the coffee cup rack in crew’s mess.
    He has volunteered to make one.
  • Dave and FrankM began the next phase of deck restoration by removing old wood
    in the area on the forward deck aft of the torpedo loading hatch that is where the
    restoration of the deck will resume. TPaulP briefed them on the Museum’s
    strategy and sequencing for obtaining, cutting and installing the new wood. [The
    Museum won a grant to fund this next phase of the deck restoration project.]
    Nearly ten years has passed since Frank and Dave’s previous survey of the strength
    of the metalwork under the deck, so they will begin reassessing the general
    integrity of the metalwork in the upcoming weeks. Plywood was placed over the
    area where the wood was removed and the scrap wood was stacked by the docent’s
    shack for removal by HSIB. Nat and Dan helped with these tasks.

Volunteer hours:
102 for the week
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