the unoffical report for saturday april 14 th

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the unoffical report for saturday april 14 th

Postby big al » Sun Apr 15, 2012 7:07 am

I was not going to send out this rteport but like Tim why not stir the S**#T. Our real UNOFICAL REPORTER is still out somewhere on the high seas telling war stories, drinking a lot of booze, and carying on with all those young females who have lots of dreams.

Saturday as far as the weather was a wonderful day to be on board. Warm temperatures and sunny skies. As usual the morning started out with the usual BS and coffee before work got under way. Dave and Frank installed the, keep forgetting the spelling I think it is NAVOL, in the forward room.
While all this was going on Chief Mike has almost sucessfully installed the 1MC back to the origional working condition. Of corse Chief Geezer Bill also was part of the repair. Anyway the sounds of ALARMS can now be heard through out the boat. Great job you old farts. I only hope your next project does not take two years.
Michelle worked topside on the capstans and do they ever shine. I guess our feathered friends will once again use them for target practice.
Ski has repaired more sound powered phones which will soon need to be repaired again as our torists continue to make them inoperative.
Cathy and Tracey were busy keeping the old girl looking good.
Dave,Ski,Frank, and myself spent the afternoon trouble shooting the non functional overtaking light that decided to go out last week. Hopefully next week iot may be on once again.

Now itis time to do a Tim. As Tim always complains about the deck in bad shape. Well a tourist tripped over one of the rotten plywood boards and almost fell on the deck. Bad news if they had been hurt. I wonder what that would have caused.
Also over the last month the 40 watt lamps and the 8 watt fluorescent tubes have been slowly missing from plot and no one knows anything about it. It is a mystery yet to be solved. Well last Saturday I hid the few remaining 8 watt fluoprescent tubes and this Saturday I was told that the ATR port lighting fixture was out. Thinking the tubes finally burned out I got two replacement tubes. Upon opening the fixture I found that both tubes and starters had been taken out. Just another mystery as to who removed the tubes and starters and put everything back together again. Maybe we have GHOSTS on board. Replacing with tubes and starters the fixture was once again functional.

Well that is all the usual BS for now. Stay tuned next week as the UNOFFICAL REPORTER may return to do his famous report.

Big Al
big al
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