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Postby big al » Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:03 am

A very very quiet day on the boat this Saturday. You could count the on board crew on your hand or one foot. No Chiefs but all Indians.
The morning was very cloudy with some drizzel but gave weay to a sunny sky and warm temperatures.
The real UNOFFICAL reporter was a no show for the second week in a row. He must have given up polishing brass for Lent.
Cathy brought some Danish buns or pastys as she called them for the large crew to eat that consisted of Dave, Cathy, and myself. Dave made the usual coffee for the crew of which I do not drink the stuff. Later during the morning hours Al F, Corey, Ski, and Earl came on board.
By noon ships work was completed if work was done and the remaining crew headed to ABLL to tell sea stories of past and present and once again repair our economic problems.
Next week is the TVA general meeting at Dave's and Mike's business so the boat will not be filled with our crew but at the business office in Columbia.
Hopefully the UNOFFICAL reporter will be back soon to put out all the BS in the world that he can do best.

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