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Postby big al » Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:20 am

Well I have been requssted to put some BS on the Web site as the UNOFFICAL reporter is screwing off who knows where. I guerss he is finishing up the last of his ten gallons of wine he had at home.
Anyway it was a cold, windy morning when we arrived on the boat at the crack of dawn. Getting up at 0530 hours is getting harder to do all the time. I like sleeping in till the 0730 hour arrives
And as usual the morning started with all the BS one can imagine to begin the day. The same usually ends the day.
The two Chiefs went to work once again on the 1MC that has benn out opf service for a long long time and looks like it will still be out for a long long time. Everything has been changed except for the HUMMMMMMM that still sounds the same.
Gill and Bruce spent time in Forward battery putting togeather shelving that will store all the PORNO films.
Michelle spent the day in ATR as usual. She now has the outer doors open and ready to do a test fire. She found out I was SLACKING so she tested my electrical skills. I hope I passed my test.
Our top cop Corey was on board telling us of his new policeman job. He no longer drives a police vehicle but he now rides a police horse. I think the horses name is Ed. A horse is a horse of course is a horse. HEEEEEEEEE. Wait till he rides the horse on board for work weekend.
Ski brough on board many of the IC parts he removed on his old boat while doing yard time.
Cathy was painting thing grey in control to match the rest of the grey.
Frank spent the day in the cubical trying to realign the rheostats so we can get under way some day.
The wind had gotten so bad by mid afternoon that the one gangway shifted so badly that it almost fell on the tank top. Earl,Nat, Frank, and Chief Mike finally got it back in place and resecured it to the boat. We really all most had a bad experience on board to remember.
After that all went below for the normal BS and laughs to end the day.
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