The unofficial report for January 28,2012

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The unofficial report for January 28,2012

Postby Tim » Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:35 pm

The unofficial report for January 28,2012

During my extended absence from the boat I have traveled over 6000 miles in the Western and Eastern Caribbean. At this age a little warmth is a blessing to the old bones.

Coming into the crews mess this morning I counted 15 heads. It was an excellent number for a winter day. For a better part of the day it far exceeded the number of visitors.

After a month or so missing muster it was amazing to get a glimpse of the amount of work done in that time. The conning tower is stunning. I forgot my camera but perhaps Gil or Little Al will provide some pictures.

Our 10,382 electricians were working all over the ship. Sometimes theirs is a thankless job as no one can see the refreshed electricity passing through the wires. At least when I polish brass it shines for a visitor or two. At the end of the day the "Christmas Tree" was lit up in a fantastic display.

Dave and master machinist Butch removed the lube oil purifier pump in preparation of installing a new AC powered pump in the first step for an engine start. Butch is an asset we are in desperate need of. He is also a shipmate of the highest caliber and a joy to swap sea stories with. Dave, always impeccably dressed managed to look human with a big oil stain on his starched shirt. It was a badge of honor he well deserved for the work he and Butch performed today.

One is never too old to learn a new trick. Michele left a small greenie in the blue goo she shared with me and it made polishing easy. The rubbing effort was cut four fold. Although I was greatly hampered by eating the delicious brownies she provided at breakfast.

It was wonderful to be back on board today sharing with old and new friends. It is uplifting and inspirational to see so many working without compensation to preserve the history of the submarine service. I am very proud to be with those who contribute so much for the greater good and very glad to be able to share their company.
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