Gentle people: My e-mail account was hacked...

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Gentle people: My e-mail account was hacked...

Postby Malcom » Wed Dec 14, 2011 9:01 am

So, if you received an e-mail from me about:

Dating older singles
Refilling ink cartridges cheap!
Masculine 'enhancement'
Feminine 'enhancement'
A million dollars waiting for you in Nairobi if you send money [but feel free to send checks to 4709 Bradley blvd...]
My being trapped in London with no money...
Hot ***** waiting for your call
Degrees earned at home
*****buddies anxious to meet you
Mortgage adjustment
Worried about going bald?

It's not actually from me, but rather, is from my millionaire relatives in Nairobi. Now you know why I don't speak to them!
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