Who needs Fabio when you have the SEAL team?

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Who needs Fabio when you have the SEAL team?

Postby Malcom » Wed Nov 23, 2011 3:19 pm


With budget cuts on the way, does that mean that Navy SEALs will no longer be issued shirts?

Maybe not, but a girl can dream. Or more accurately, 18 romance novelists can dream---and they did. Then they got together and published a collection of short, sultry stories in which the female protagonists take aim in their own special way at the heroic SEALs, whose chiseled faces and brawny physiques cannot obscure their poet souls. Or something like that.

The result: A new book, SEAL of my Dreams.
It’s rare at Stars and Stripes that we get to link to a video and proclaim it “not safe for work.” Not because it’s X-rated… maybe a bit PG-13, but because if you truly are in the military and pull this up on your computer you can probably count on being teased mercilessly by your fellow troops. But let’s just say that in the 60 second promo, there are only four lines: “They fight for us. They protect us. We fall in love with them. They are true heroes.” But they fill the time with other stuff.

Don't say we didn't warn you. You can check the video out here.
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