The Official Report for Week Ending October 23, 2011

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The Official Report for Week Ending October 23, 2011

Postby Gilbert » Tue Nov 01, 2011 6:46 pm

Summary of shipboard & offsite work for the week ending October 23, 2011

Saturday, October 22

Torsk Crew on board: Chief Bill, Chief Mike, Big Al, Dave, Cathy, Frank, Larry S, Nat, Sam, Gil and Jaime

Big Al re-lamped the boat and assisted with running light troubleshooting.

Chief Bill, Chief Mike and Earl started replacing bad resistors on the 1MC. We determined that when we quit we had tested and/or replaced over 50% of the resistors on the section we were working on...Chief Bill thinks that it is closer to 75%. Hopefully, we can get one of the amps totally refurbished and then we will be able to get the beast operational. We have two signal generators complete. So, if we can get a power amp going, we are set.

Dave and Ski, assisted by Big Al and Frank, finally found the electrical Easter Eggs. The forward and after anchor lights are now working. All of our “normal” topside lights are now working. They will try to get the masthead light done before winter, but no promises. They also removed the badly corroded stern light for workbench rebuilding by Big Al. Frank, Ski and Dave also added a layer of shrink wrap and tape to a bad split in the insulation on one shore power cable.

Nat and Sam did some clean-up in the bridge. They removed dive and collision contact makers and took them to pump room for repair and polish, then reinstalled them.

Frank assisted with the electrical maintenance, and prepped the helm in the Conning Tower for ropework.

Cathy did housekeeping

Gil worked in Archives

Offsite during the Week:

Gil worked on TVA admin duties

Onsite Volunteer Hours – 75
Offsite Volunteer Hours - 3
Total Week Hours – 78

2011 Year to Date Volunteer Hours – 4056

****NOTE – YTD Total does not include Work Weekend Hours

That’s it for the week.
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