The Unofficial Report for Oct29-2011

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The Unofficial Report for Oct29-2011

Postby Tim » Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:05 pm

The Unofficial Report for Oct29-2011

I have not written a report since Sept 10 so I guess it's my turn. I have been to a reunion (Diablo 479) a cruise to New England and Quebec another to Colombia. the Panama Canal and San Blas islands. The last was my 59th cruise. It congers up thoughts of the BS the older guys used to dump on us when I first went in. Crap like (I got more time backing down on one screw than you war babies got sea time). Hell! I used to be one of the young guys. Now that I am past seventy I fit in to that category of old bastards who have more sea time than time left.

It was great to be back with my beloved shipmates and meet some of the new guys. Now we even have a MM (Butch). Of course we have a new dozen or two new electricians. Sometimes I wonder if the Navy lumped all ratings into that category.

At least the sparkies did some good in the engine rooms this week. Start and stop lights are a blinking. The sound powered phones are a ringing even if not talking. It's wonderful to see the enthusiasm aboard and actual accomplishments. Most are still looking for the reactor and have no clue what FM stands for.

It was raining too much to go up on deck to see if the museum people put any new deck down. WTF it's only been ten years.

Good to be back!
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