The Unofficial Report for 91011

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The Unofficial Report for 91011

Postby Tim » Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:12 pm

To the great relief of all it stopped raining. Latter the sun came out and ruined our eyeballs.

Big crowd on board today. Read the official report to see who. It looked a government workers convention with ten watching and one working. Larry's friend Mike the MM from Detroit was one of the most watched. Instantly conned into repairing a relief valve he was ogled by those who watched him expertly repair the dam thing. When tested it blew out the side of the ship and splattered the fish tank with well deserved effluent. Is effluent a good word for shit? Sometimes imagination is a good substitute for reality.

Look for a Sears add with our own Deer John and family. A commercial was filmed at John's house this past week with his beautiful wife and grand children wearing the latest fashions. John makes an appearance in a plaid shirt with a skunk on a string slung over his shoulder.

The new deck that was to be installed this week was miss-sent to Haiti. Unfortunately the Epay did not function well when they tried to float it ashore. After all this rain the old deck is more moist than the harbor. Truly the visitors and volunteers walked on water. That would be my fix the deck you dorks spiel for this week.

The visitors attendance was so light this week Chuck walked some all the way through the boat instead of holding court in the MR. Chuck's music box provided tunes from the get go today and a buck fifty in revenue.

MM Mike knew he was well loved today when a comment was made about his invisible belt buckle. Not quite as slim as Tim for some reason his buckle was obscured by his girth. Some of us more generously proportioned who want to show off fancy buckles have learned to put the buckle in the back.

A panic in the parking garage was narrowly avoided as we left for the day. Frank had us carry many heavy short sticks of Epay to his mates exotic German vehicle. With all of us unloading our cargo into Frank's arms he stood there getting shorter by the minute with all the weight he was holding. He may have at that moment regretted volunteering to work at home on a deck hatch. His normally very sharp mate was unable to find the car key. Anxiety and apoplexy near overcame our hero until the blond person discovered the keys under his arm. Dub him geezer #4 on the boat.
The smilling face of our unsung hero
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Mike & Larry Shipmates
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