The Official Report for Week Ending June 26, 2011

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The Official Report for Week Ending June 26, 2011

Postby Gilbert » Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:16 pm

Summary of shipboard & offsite work for the week ending June 26, 2011

Saturday, June 25

Torsk Crew on board: Chief Bill, Chief Mike, Big Al, Nat, Amanda, Mike M, Tracey, Little Al, Larry D, Gil, Charlie, Tristan and Jaime

The crew unloaded and stowed items from the NAVSEA open house.

Big Al re-lamped the boat and repaired a fan.

Chief Bill and Chief Mike commenced work on the 1MC. They finished the fabrication of the test box and successfully tested it. Then, they hooked it up to the signal generator that they completed overhauling. Turned on the power and pushed the alarm buttons. All the alarms work, or least as best as they can tell. Won’t know how they sound until they get it hooked back up to a working power amplifier. Next week, they will finish up the overhaul of the second signal generator, at least everything except the transformer. They need to send the transformer out for a refill and reseal.

Chief Bill sorted vacuum tubes from the strip ship. He took several home to test.

Mike M worked in Sonar, where he did some testing on the sonar head and found that it’s dead. He is working with Doug Niessen (who fabricated the original system) to obtain another head. Mike hooked up an MP3 player and played ship and biologic sounds through the sonar speaker and control room speaker.

Tracey polished brass in the FTR

Larry D greased topside fittings.

Nat and Charlie tested the Sound Powered phone system, and removed a fan for Big Al to repair, then reinstalled it.

Tristan helped Mike M in sonar, retrieved debris from under the superstructure, and did housekeeping.

Amanda did housekeeping

Gil worked in Archives.

Little Al took photos.

Offsite during the Week:

Monday, June 20 – Chief Mike, Bruce and Tracey attended the NAVSEA open house at Philly

Thursday, June 23 – Nat and Gil attended the NAVSEA open house at Philly

Gil worked on TVA admin duties

Onsite Volunteer Hours – 74
Offsite Volunteer Hours - 66
Total Week Hours – 140

2011 Year to Date Volunteer Hours – 2876

That’s it for the week.
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