The Official Report for Week Ending June 19, 2011

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The Official Report for Week Ending June 19, 2011

Postby Gilbert » Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:15 pm

Summary of shipboard & offsite work for the week ending June 19, 2011

Saturday, June 18

Torsk Crew on board: Chief Mike, Dave, Cathy, Frank M, Kevin, Michelle, Mike M, Tracey, Little Al, Larry S, Gil and Jaime

Chief Mike worked in the Forward Engine Room lower level, where he Worked on the two Main Engine fresh water cooling water temperature regulating valves. He also worked on a test box for the 1MC.

Dave cleaned out various lockers in the boat.

Dave and Ski worked topside and finished wiring the new Docent Shack.

Kevin and Michelle worked in the ATR. Michelle continued to chip paint off any of the copper / brass fitting and polish the pipe coming from control surfaces hydraulic pump. Kevin was able to clean the floors and the bunk mattresses in the ATR.

Mike M rewired the temperature and electrical gauges for main engines 1 and 2. He then went to work in Sonar, where he worked on getting the display lights for the consoles working. He also did some planning for getting the sonar head back in operation.

Frank installed a new pieces of stainless in the Conning Tower, secured the ladder to the deck and installed a butt kit at the helm.

Cathy did housekeeping

Tracey did housekeeping, as well as polished brass in the Control Room, Forward Battery and FTR.

Gil worked in Archives.

Little Al took photos.

Offsite during the Week:

Gil worked on TVA admin duties

Onsite Volunteer Hours – 72
Offsite Volunteer Hours - 3
Total Week Hours – 75

2011 Year to Date Volunteer Hours – 2736

That’s it for the week.
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