The Unofficial Report for June 11/11

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The Unofficial Report for June 11/11

Postby Tim » Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:16 pm

The Unofficial Report for June 11/11

Outstanding day!

We celebrated Jamie and Big Al's birthdays. One was 75 and one was 35. I forgot which was which.

Tall Paul introduced Earl as the new Pier boss. Every once and a bunch things go well and the right person gets the job. Thank you, thank, thank you.
Earl spent the day and proved his worth. With the ship having a list for the last couple of weeks the crew and management agreed to correct the problem today.

The suspect tank proved to be dry but it's neighbor full. Pump that sucker down and the problem would be solved. That's when the fun started or not started in the case of the pump. After much pulley pulley on the pumpey pumpey by overworked Earl the pump started but would not prime. No aqua entered the pump part.

After several restarts Earl managed to pull the whole dam starter assembly off the dam thing. Other words may have been verbalized. That was a blessing as when reassembled it made a better connection with starter parts.

With the engine started but with no pumping action Gil remembered Larry (the pump king) usually put the verbally abused thing on the pier lowering the height the cherished thing had to lift water.

Holy diesel smoke the soot maker started to pump water, here there and everywhere. Black carbon crap sloshed from the muffler part darkening the deck and Larry (our good hearted newbie). The ancient engineman finally remembered to change the exhaust to its normal flow and we managed to pump her out and correct most of the list.

The pump now has many qualified operators. Most of whom would like to use it as an anchor.

It was an event where you get to know your mates, share an experience and realize you love your shipmates and together can accomplish wonders.
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